Web Development

We will craft for you exactly the website you want, styled to your brand’s look and feel, with the functionality that you need.

When selecting your base theme, we will consider your brand elements and required functionality and offer several template options, or if you know what you want then you can choose your own theme. From there we go to work at making your new website truly look like ‘Yours’.

Your website will be built with the latest in responsive technology, meaning your site will look amazing, whether it’s being viewed on a desk top, a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone.

With the number of web users who are now browsing on mobile devices, as well as recent changes to Google’s search algorithms, mobile responsiveness has become particularly important, offering a more natural and enjoyable user experience with minimal scrolling and zooming required.

Our focus is on creating you a website that is visitor friendly with simple and logical navigation. A website that looks beautiful, but is stable and does what it is supposed to do.

We also apply a number of methods in usability and design to maximise the time that visitors spend on each page, by drawing attention to key messages and creating compelling Call-to-Actions.


Benefits of a Kombi Media Website

  • Open source content management (CMS) means that you’re not locked into us. If you prefer not to use our hosting, you are free to host your site anywhere that you choose.
  • We build our sites on WordPress, the worlds #1 CMS based web platform
  • We are actively following what is trending in the world wide web in design, navigation and usability. This ensures that your new site will be at the forefront of what is fresh and new, keeping your business ahead of the game.
  • Integrated with your social world, we will create a website that talks with your various social networks, sharing posts, mini-blogs and images, spreading your marketing messages far and wide.
Whether you are after a brand new website, you need to upgrade your current website or you just need some good honest advice, then feel free to flick us message or give us a call on 09 550 7130.